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Tell me again why I should care.

brick wallTell me again why I should listen to you.

Tell me again why I should care.


You told me once before, but I’ve forgotten what you said. It was just too much to remember.


I’m busy and overwhelmed and late for something. (I’m always late for something.) I have forty-seven yet-to-be-done things on my To Do list and I still don’t know what we’re having for dinner.


What was it you wanted again?



I know you said you did something with somebody and I should really check it out because, because …

That’s the part I can’t recall.

Tell me again why I should care.



It’s not that I think you’re doing a lousy job. I actually think you’re pretty cool. It’s just that I have so much on my plate and there’s so little time in the day and I only have the energy to address the really important things.

Is your thing really important?

Tell me again why it’s important.

Tell me again why I should care.


I don’t mean to be rude and what you’re saying is fascinating, but do you think maybe we could just cut to the chase?

Are you trying to change the world?

Are you trying to change my world?


Really? My world?

Hang on.

Can you tell me more? What is it exactly that you do again?




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  1. Joe

    I love the changeup of angle here Jamie!
    Very engaging :)

    Really makes me think about the quality of the content I produce.

  2. Loved how you wrote this post, Jamie :)

    It’s really effective, and makes you think about what we should do (to make our readers care about us and our brand).

    I also have to thank you for reminding me to send an email to my new list (I was planning to do it today morning..forgot about it. Thanks for heads up on that!)

    We should try and provide a reason (For me, it’s about sharing my experiences and my experiments – I do love experiments. And active experiments are what that makes my blog unique from others).

    • Thanks, Jeevan.
      So glad you’re up and running on your blog and starting to build your on online world over there. That’s so great!

      Good luck sharing your experiences and experiments. That’s what it’s all about.


      TKS, as always, for coming by!

  3. This is wonderful…. reminds me of myself!

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