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Taking Control of Your Schedule: 5 Tools for Better Planning and Time Management

I’m taking a little detour today from my usual topics of branding, marketing, writing, and social media. Today I want to talk about a universal problem that all marketers face, whether they are solopreneurs wearing many hats or marketing professionals working in large, global companies: a lack of time.

The number one lament I hear from my clients – small business owners to the marketing directors of multi-million dollar companies – is that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Everyone is overwhelmed, overbooked, and overworked. They feel like they are being simultaneously pulled in sixteen different directions, which makes juggling their workload of projects and tasks pretty darn challenging.

Almost all of my hard-working clients are guilty (as am I on occasion) of dipping into personal time to ensure that everything gets done. More than once, I’ve sent an email out after midnight only to get an immediate response from my client. Same goes for weekends.

This isn’t how any of us want to live. We want a more manageable schedule, but how can we tame that beast?

I don’t pretend to have The Answer, but I would like to share my answer with you. I recently wrote a two-part series on the tools and techniques I use to plan my projects and manage my time. I originally wrote the series for the readers of Live to Write – Write to Live, a collaborative writing blog where I am a founding member and regular contributor; but the information is applicable to anyone who needs to get a grip on a schedule situation.

So, without further ado, I’d like to share my two cents on how to get the most out of your twenty-four hour day – sanely and humanely. I hope you find these ideas and tools helpful and would love to hear your tips as well.

Here’s to wrangling your schedule and To Do list into submission!


5 Tools for Smart Planning and Time Management – Part 1: In which we talk about the Big Picture approach

5 Tools for Smart Planning and Time Management – Part 2: In which we talk about the nitty gritty, day-to-day details


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  1. Jeevan Jacob John

    I am playing around/experimenting with my schedules – trying different tools and seeing what works best 😉 So, this is something I need to read.

    I will stop by. Thanks for the share, Jamie :)

    • Good luck figuring out your best system, Jeevan. It may take a few tries, but you’ll find the routine that works for you.

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