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Marketing Magic: Out of the box

Meet Stan and Digby - two of my friend Jon Buscall's darling Basset Hounds. Don't they look ready to get outside the box? (Jon, btw, does his marketing and podcasting magic at

“Think outside the box” has always been one of the phrases I love to hate. In my agency days, it was something that echoed up and down the corridors, usually tripping lightly off the tongue of some overpaid creative director-type who couldn’t come up with a more helpful way to articulate his “vision.” The writers and designers would cringe in unison and wonder exactly what the hell they were supposed to do. Most of the time, they weren’t even aware they were in a box, never mind understanding how to get out of it.

Still, getting “outside the box” does have some validity in the world of marketing if you think of the box as the “shoulds” of marketing.


The myth of “best practices”

I have some bad news: there is no silver bullet, no 100% guaranteed roadmap, no one-size-fits-all solution. I also have some good news: there is no silver bullet, no 100% guaranteed roadmap, no one-size-fits-all solution.

If anyone comes to you and tells you they have The Answer, run.

There is no “always” or “never” in marketing. There are some basic common sense guidelines: spam is evil, spell check is your friend, and – in most cases – posting the details of every meal you eat is a bad idea. But, other than that, I don’t give the “shoulds” and “musts” of marketing much credence. What works for someone else might work for you, or it might not.

“Best” practices can quickly close in around you like that proverbial box. At first it seems comfy and cozy – safe, tested, proven. But in the end it winds up limiting your options, shutting down your creativity, and rendering you blind to opportunities that lie on the other side of the walls.

The truth is that the “best” in “best practices” depends entirely on the context – on the box you’re playing in.


YOU make the box

Maybe nobody puts Baby in a corner, but we often put ourselves in a box.

We listen to People Who Know Better and believe everything they say, even when it doesn’t quite ring true for us. We willingly subscribe to their method of marketing madness, contorting ourselves so we can climb inside their box. Though we might feel cramped or claustrophobic, we tell ourselves that we’ll get used to it. Though we may feel like we’re operating in the dark, we tell ourselves that soon the lights will come on and everything will be clear.

We stay in the box, but we shouldn’t.

Boxes have walls, and as you grow – as your business and ideas grow – those walls will start to close in. Your view of Blue Sky Possibilities will start to shrink.


Your comfort zone vs. where the magic happens

I haven't been able to find an attribution for this image, but would happily add one if I could.

If you stay too long inside the box, you start to get comfortable and complacent. You begin to distrust the world outside your box. You don’t want to try anything new; you just want to stick with the tried and true things that are already inside your box and within your comfort zone. After all, they are “best” practices – if you keep at them long enough, they are bound to work eventually, right?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Even if they do work, staying inside the box will likely cause you to miss out on more exciting, more effective, more “you” ways of reaching your marketing goals. Your comfort zone might not seem so comfortable once you give yourself the chance to climb out of that box, wiggle your bare toes in the grass, inhale the fresh air, and stretch your limbs.

Stepping outside your box means giving yourself the chance to:

  • Explore all the possibilities
  • Play with your creative urges
  • Discover ways to apply tactics from other industries
  • Express your brand philosophy
  • Craft a marketing strategy that is perfect for you

Doesn’t that sound like fun?


Leaving the faux security of the box can be scary at first, but the exhilaration you’ll feel once you realize that you don’t have to play by anyone else’s rules far outweighs any perceived risk. Fear will become excitement. You’ll feel like Julie Andrews spinning giddily through the meadows of marketing.


Are you stuck in a box that doesn’t quite fit you? What could you do to step outside that box – outside your comfort zone and into the place where magic happens? 


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  1. love the article and what a perfect image.
    Your biggest fan, Monica

    • Jamie Lee

      Thank you, Monica. Always my pleasure – you light up my day.

  2. Found you on Twitter, Jamie. Love this article. Great insights.

    I moved out of my box last week, with surprising and pleasing results today.

    As you’ve said, WE make the box, and we don’t even know we’re in it.

    I’m going to push myself to discover more about the box I’m in — judging from early results, it’s well worth it. :-)

    • Jamie Lee

      Hello, Angela. Thanks so much for coming by. Glad we’re now connected on Twitter.

      Congratulations on moving out of your box last week. Wonderful to hear that you are seeing “pleasing” results. I’d be willing to bet that more people than not would be surprised at the benefits they could reap if only they’d shake things up and shake themselves out of their self-imposed limitations.

      Would love to hear more about your evolution. Good luck with it!

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