Over the years, I have had the privelege of working with a diverse group of professionals and entrepreneurs. I am so grateful for the chance to know each of these people and for the opportunity to contribute in some way to their success.

Working with Jamie was the best thing I could have hoped for – a highly personalized, professional, flexible and extremely knowledgeable guided tour for how to start my own blog and let the world know about it. Jamie designed a menu of options for creating the structure and organization of my blog. Based on my choices, she outlined a plan and a schedule to fit my timeline. Then she helped me find my voice, define my passion, and clarify my objectives. Once she guided me through that process, finding the content for my blog was easy! The ideas came pouring in, and our weekly calls kept me on-track and focused. In my mind, what she offers is no less than essential, whether you are starting from scratch, looking to re-evaluate, or developing something new. I continue to prioritize working with Jamie over all else relative to my new venture. It is truly time and money very, very well spent!


Rebecca Dawson, Writer & Publisher at Fresh Air and Porridge (pending launch)


When I need to find the perfect voice for a written piece I will turn to Jamie. She has a smart and savvy style, natural instinct and she is a real pleasure to work with, while so very good at what she does.

Caroline Forrester, Freelance Editor , GateHouse Media New England

Jamie has the gift of knowing the right words and tone for any message. She can catch the attention of her audience and keep them hooked through to the last sentence. Her writing is concise and to the point, yet relaxed in way that feels conversational and easy. Not only is the quality of her work top-notch, her professionalism makes her a strong member of any team. She finishes jobs on time and with accuracy. She’s energetic, positive, and brims with creativity.


Heidi Paek, Grantwell, LLC

When it comes to managing a project, Jamie is unparalleled. When it comes to managing multiple agencies on a brand team, Jamie simply and seamlessly keeps everyone on the same page and focused on the goals of the project. In 2008 we initiated a redesign of our web site. Jamie’s ability to write the copy, incorporate edits from our leadership team, and work the content into something that absolutely represented who we are as a company impressed everyone on our team. Jamie sets the standard of what we want not only in Project Manager, but in a leader of our company.


J. Chris Templeton, President, CEO , Influence

Jamie Wallace is one of the most diligent, detail oriented, and efficient people I’ve ever worked with. Those qualities don’t usually come packaged with the ability to see the big picture, strategize, and manage client relationships. In my experience Jamie is the rare exception of being able to do it all. She also finds a way to juggle life and work commitments seamlessly. I’d highly recommend her in any one of these capacities or all of them.


Jamie Tedford, Founder, CEO , Brand Networks


I’ve worked on several projects with Jamie during the past year and I think she’s terrific! The largest was our white paper. She took our complicated business concept and made it easily understandable thorough organization and concise phrasing. She did an outstanding job. I’ve worked with many writers on both marketing and strategic projects and she is definitely one of the best I’ve come across. As well, her good humor, excellent communication skills and organization make her a pleasure to work with.


Barbara Phillips-Barrett, Marketing Partner, Berbunga

Former Colleagues:
Jamie has an extremely rare blend of senior project management expertise and digital knowledge. Her professionalism and thoughtfulness make her a great client-facing resource, and also help her effectively manage internal or freelance resources. Highly recommended.


Micah Donahue, Principal, Contact Strategy Director at Mechanica (Worked with Jamie at Mullen Advertising.)

I had the pleasure of working with Jamie both in her role as an account manager of existing business, but also in new business development. Jamie is bright, articulate, and has a tremendous attention to detail. Jamie anticipates the business environment extremely well and has answers to questions before they are asked. She has a high energy level and can “bring a room up” if it is lacking the necessary oxygen.


Terry Angstadt, President Commercial Division Indy Racing League (Worked with Jamie at Cyrk, Inc.)