The gauntlet’s been thrown.

A very interesting experiment is taking place next Wednesday. John Bottom of Base One is putting his money where his mouth is in an attempt to prove to a live audience of skeptical senior marketers that content marketing DOES work.

You can get the full skinny on the Beyond Blog (The Great Content Marketing Experiment), but the gist is this: John is running a breakout session at the prestigious IDM B2B Marketing conference in London. His session is about content marketing, but instead of serving up the same old-same old, John is going to show his audience content marketing in action. Using content provided by his audience, John and his team will create an eBook called “Threats & Opportunities: the Future of Social Media as viewed by the UK’s most Senior Marketers.” This eBook will then be promoted using a wide range of social tactics – blogging, video uploads, LinkedIn networking, and – of course – tweeting. The goal is to gain 1,000 clicks on the content by the end of the day, thus providing a real-time, real-world example of content marketing in action (with a ready assist from social media).

I’m tickled that John invited me to participate in this event by live-blogging on the day of the conference. Though we’re separated by an ocean and a six-hour time difference, I’ll be following the action from the eastern seaboard of the U.S. and reporting back here on Savvy B2B Marketing.

This is a very cool and gutsy experiment that I hope will go a long way towards showing the doubters just how powerful content marketing can be. If you’d like to take part, mark your calendar and RSS the Beyond blog page so you don’t miss any updates. (You should be reading Beyond already anyway, so that shouldn’t be a bid deal.) I think we can deliver way more than 1,000 clicks and am eager to see what happens.

I’ll see you next Wednesday!