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Business podcasting with Jon Buscall

What can a podcast do for your business? The answer might surprise you.

As a writer, my natural tendency is to gravitate towards written media for marketing: entertaining and informative website copy, ebooks, white papers, and – of course – blogs … lots and lots of blogs. But, my friend and colleague Jon Buscall has lured me (albeit charmingly) into considering the possibility that the written word may not be the only way (or, even – gasp! – the best way) to generate interest in a business.

Jon is the founder of Jontus Media which is headquartered in Stockholm Sweden and does business globally. He is also a skilled and passionate podcaster and the author of the new (and very meaty) ebook  Launch a Podcast  and Grow Your Business.

If you’re not familiar with podcasting, Wikipedia defines it as follows:

podcast is a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of files (either audio or video) subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication. The word is a neologismderived from “broadcast” and “pod” from the success of the iPod, as podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.

In plainer terms, it’s an audio show – typically broadcast weekly – that listeners access via the web or iTunes. Businesses use podcasts to literally give their brand a voice. The results can be impressive. As he shares in this podcast, Jon was contacted by not one, but two new clients only weeks after launching his first podcast series. Not bad … not bad at all.

Since I’m beginning to seriously explore the possibilities of podcasting for myself and my clients, I am just delighted to be able to share the following interview with you. The conversation was inspired by my sneak peek of Launch a Podcast  and Grow Your Business. I was so impressed by Jon’s breadth and depth of knowledge and couldn’t wait to share it with my audience. The ebook covers everything from strategy and creative to format, promotion, and technical execution (… in great detail for tech dummies like me who don’t know an  input from an output even with labels!).

I hope you’ll give our interview a listen and maybe be inspired to think about launching a podcast for your own business. If you are, be sure to reach out to Jon. You can find him at Jontus Media, or on Twitter @jonbuscall (which I highly recommend … he’s a great Twitter friend).

Enjoy & let me know your thoughts and questions. 


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  1. Oh, Jamie! This is *so* dangerous! I’ve been thinking of doing a podcast. Then a friend suggested that I be a guest on a podcast she is developing. And then you interview Jon about podcasting and give some great information about his new book. Apparently, it’s time for me to take this seriously — and take the plunge.

    Oh, and yes, Jon . . . I could listen to that accent of yours for hours!

  2. Jaime, thanks so much for this. I enjoyed listening through our conversation. You’ve got a talent for podcasting! Now I just have to get you going with the tech side of things. Dm or mail me for help if you need it.

    • Jamie Lee

      Thank YOU for taking the time. It was truly my pleasure.
      I have definitely been bitten by the bug – you’ll be hearing from me.

  3. Hi Jamie,

    I’m fascinated with your love of trapeze. Really cool. Have you blogged about this? Would love to read more. My cousin does that as well. Got a “magical” feel to it!

    A few years back I did a radio show through blog radio and may bring that back due to this post. It may be different than a podcast? Not sure.

    I could see you doing one while you are trapezing …


    • Jamie Lee

      :) Thanks, Giulietta!
      Trapeze is “magic” in that it gives you the feeling of flight – quite an experience. I have blogged about it a few times, but here’s the only one I can find quickly:

      BlogTalk Radio and podcasting are similar. I’m not actually sure of the exact differences … it’s a good question.

      Not sure I could podcast from the trapeze … I’m usually holding my breath!

      Nice to see you here!

  4. @Giulietta,
    The only trouble with Blog Radio is that the quality of the sound is very dodgy. They really shrink the size of your file down and the sound suffers.

    With a podcast that you control going through, say, iTunes you’ve got more say in how your brand is distributed, presented, etc.

    Starting out with a good quality USB mic if it’s just going to be you would be a good start. Then get some hosting with Libsyn and publish your (easily) edited file and promote through your blog.

    Good luck !

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