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Branding in 2013, marketing predictions, and zombie bunnies

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of doing a podcast with my charming and super smart friend, Jon Buscall of Jontus Media. Conversations with Jon are always entertaining and informative, but I was particularly excited about this one because our primary topic was – drumroll please – branding.

Ah, yes … that drum upon which I’ve been beating ceaselessly of late.

Jon and I had way too much fun, and I hope you will to when you give the playback a listen: Bringing Branding Back.

Feel free to drop any questions here or over on Jon’s page. Either of us would be more than happy to talk branding all day.

And be sure to check out other episodes of Jon’s podcast via his site, iTunes, or Stitcher. You can also find him on Twitter @jonbuscall or subscribe to the Jontus Media blog.

Oh, and – P.S. – Jon has written an very detailed and informative ebook about how to start your own podcast: Launch a Podcast & Grow Your Business. We chatted about the benefits of starting a podcast in an earlier episode. Think about it for 2013 …




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  1. Thanks for being such a great guest, my friend.

    Lots of positive feedback and one of the biggest amount of downloads this year :=)

    Hope you’ll be back!!!!

  2. Jamie, you are a POWERFUL speaker, and this call is jam-packed with great tips! And I’ve decided to rebrand…all zombie bunnies, all the time ;).

    • Jamie Lee

      Thank you so much, Sabrina! So glad you found the content helpful & LOVE that you’re diggin’ the zombie bunnies. :) Here’s to a well branded 2013!

    • Jamie Lee

      PS – Love your new profile pic! :)

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