I have worked with first-time solopreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, authors, and the marketing directors of global brands. I have written for businesses in a variety of fields including the arts, high tech, marketing, telecom, medical, architecture, financial, social media, and several consumer brands.

But, all my clients have a few things in common:

A desire to tell a good story

Whether it’s getting a handle on your brand messaging, crafting copy for your website, or figuring out how to turn your company’s core values and experience into blog posts, eBooks, case studies, and other content marketing assets, you understand the value of telling a good story.

You know that people – your prospects and customers – are moved by a good story. I’m not talking about a Once Upon a Time story; I’m talking about the story of your business – its origins, its mission, and its customers.

A desire to get the most out of their content