Last week, I had the pleasure of participating on a panel called The Basics of Marketing on Pinterest. The panel was moderated by Ann Yastremski of Marketing Profs and also featured Amanda Maksymiw of OpenView Labs, Jessica Meher of HubSpot, and Olivier Blanchard of BrandBuilder Marketing.

With the recent glut of blog posts and articles about this up-start social network (including my own, “The point everyone’s missing about Pinterest”), you’re probably wondering if the world really needed another conversation about Pinterest. I’ll admit, I asked myself the same thing when the lovely Catherine Goldberg approached me about participating in the event; but then my irrational love of the Pinterest platform took over and I enthusiastically signed on to join the conversation.

This particular panel was an open Q&A format that allowed attendees to ask the questions that were most important to them. Based on the audience’s interests, we talked about everything from how to get started to the intellectual property issues to how to use Pinterest to support a local event. I used the term “Pinterest pimp” on a recorded panel. Oops. (But, I am one. Seriously.)

At any rate, if you’re curious about this shiny, new social network, the recording is available on the event page at I also recommend that you peruse the comments and Q&A topics at the bottom of the page – there was a good deal of pre- and post-event discussion around specific issues and inquiries and several people provided some in-depth answers as well as additional resources.

What do you think about Pinterest? Is your brand using it? Have you experimented with it yourself? Love to hear YOUR thoughts!