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The Secret Planning and Brainstorming Weapon You Don’t Know You Need

I can be a real geek sometimes.

And, not just your typical, Tolkien-quoting LOTR geek, either. (Though, I am totally one of those.)

I get geeky about things like the perfect notebook, calendaring, and a really well done Excel spreadsheet.

I also get seriously geeky about mind mapping. Seriously.


Mind whatting? If you have no idea what mind mapping is, you can get a quick 101 from my post, Secret Marketing Weapon: The Brand Mind Map.

After that (or, if you already kind of know what a mind map is), I’d like to invite you to take a listen to a podcast on which fellow mind mapping addict Michael Tipper (he’s the one with the lovely accent) interviews me about how I discovered mind mapping and just how I use it in both my personal and professional lives:

The Mind Mapping Show: Episode 8 – Discover the Possibilities of What Mind Mapping Can Do for Your Personal and Professional Lives

I will warn you that the first seven or so minutes are a bit chatty, so you may want to skip those and get right to the meat of the conversation.

Michael and I recorded the interview waaaaaay back in January and he broadcast it over the summer, but somehow I never got around to sharing it. (Couldn’t be because of my unbridled gushing and a few too many mentions of cats, could it? Maybe.)

ANYway … I thought this would be a great time to share the podcast. The end of the year is creeping up on us (or, more accurately, bearing down on us), so it’s the perfect opportunity to take a step back and do some mind mapping to look at the year behind and the year ahead. Maybe mind map that new project you’ve been contemplating, or perhaps you could use it to rough out a 2014 editorial calendar. Anything is possible. You never know where a mind map will take you.

I hope you’ll give a listen and indulge my attempt to get everyone mind mapping.

Oh! And if you have ANY questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a comment or a private email. I am always happy to talk about mind mapping. Always.



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  1. Jeevan Jacob John

    I am not particularly a fan of mind mapping. I have tried it a few times, but didn’t find it interesting.

    I do love experimenting around, so I will definitely give it a second try. Who knows, maybe I will like it this time 😀

    Thanks for sharing the podcast, Jamie :) I am off to listen to it now!

    • Jeevan Jacob John

      I was listening to the podcast (and thinking about the tools I have used in the post).

      The one tool I have used most (for mind mapping, although it’s not particularly a mind mapping app, more like a brain storming app) is WorkFlowy (For the first few times, it was great. But over time, I found that I preferred my usual methods – writing everything down, or not writing everything down, aka remembering everything – for the software.

      • It can take a while to find your best “groove” when it comes to planning and brainstorming tools. My rule is just to do what comes most naturally. You’ll only use the system that works for YOU, so why fight it?

        Thanks for being here. “See” you around!

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