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Off-Topic: Winter’s Feathered Royalty

Over the past few weeks, Ipswich has been visited by some rather impressive royalty of the feathered persuasion. The chance to catch a glimpse of these avian arrivals has coaxed many to venture out into the cold bleakness of the New England midwinter. Those lucky enough to make a sighting will tell you it was […]

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Off-topic Friday: Something in the air

All around us, they are gathering. They convene spontaneously on land, on water, and in the air. Heeding an ancient summons, they assemble in mighty flocks for their annual journey, departing local havens for more temperate climes. Already, most of the swallows have departed. A week ago, I could watch them lining up along the […]

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Finally – fall. Beach season is here.

The summer sun is setting on Crane Beach. Soon, the people-and-towel patchwork along the shore, suntan lotion scented air, and audacious heists of larcenous seagulls will be nothing more than memories. I’m okay with that. Though I have enjoyed my share of sultry mornings and sizzling afternoons wandering along the white sands of our local […]

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