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The Secret Planning and Brainstorming Weapon You Don’t Know You Need

I can be a real geek sometimes. And, not just your typical, Tolkien-quoting LOTR geek, either. (Though, I am totally one of those.) I get geeky about things like the perfect notebook, calendaring, and a really well done Excel spreadsheet. I also get seriously geeky about mind mapping. Seriously.   Mind whatting? If you have […]

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Write drunk; edit sober. How to blog like you mean it

Listen to this post:   Blogging can be scary. Some days, it feels like you’ve been pushed on stage and asked to do stand-up. The guy who was on before you totally killed it. The crowd was laughing in the aisles and people were repeating his catch phrase. Now you’re up there, peering through the […]

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Content May Be King, But There’s an Uprising Afoot

Do you ever want to run out into the middle of the street and scream, “SHUT UP!!!!!!” at the top of your lungs? No. Maybe that’s just me.   Content is king! Long live the king! I’ve been living in this marketing realm for the better part of a couple decades now. In the course […]

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