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Are you accidentally turning your customers off?

Customers are like lovers, and as such they have certain needs that must be met, or the deal is off. This should not surprise you. After all, you’ve heard again and again that purchasing decisions are driven more by emotions than logic. Customers engage in the same justify-to-satisfy tactics that we have all – ahem […]

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The Other Side of Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk

Listen to this post:     How badly do you have to want something before you’ll ask for help? Does asking for help make you feel like you’ve failed? What if you could see your asking for help as a kind of giving? As I write this, Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk, The Art of Asking […]

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The importance of chasing dreams

Taking a quick break from my usual #marketinggeek fare to say a little something about dreams. I’m not talking about nighttime wanderings through strange yet familiar settings where we have conversations with talking dogs and suddenly find ourselves in front of the board wearing nothing but heart print underwear. I’m talking about the dreams we […]

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