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The Other Side of Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk

Listen to this post:     How badly do you have to want something before you’ll ask for help? Does asking for help make you feel like you’ve failed? What if you could see your asking for help as a kind of giving? As I write this, Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk, The Art of Asking […]

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Branding is NOT optional – Part 1: A cautionary tale

Imagine you’re hanging at the local café and end up sharing a table with a stranger. Between sips of your steaming drinks, you pass the time with friendly small talk. “They make the best lattes here, don’t they? I’m totally addicted.” “I know,” she replies, “I’ve got a two-a-day habit that’s going to send me […]

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Get mad: marketing from your dark side

Do what you love. Follow your passion. Lead with your heart. I have more Pollyanna DNA than most, but this tired advice has always felt a little empty to me, a little one-dimensional. After all, life isn’t just rainbows and unicorns. Life has a dark side. The trick is learning to access that dark side […]

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