Hello, fellow writers!

Thanks again for having me as your guest at the oh-so-cozy Barnes & Noble cafe. Sharing the snowy evening in your company talking about writing and marketing and publishing – three of my favorite topics! :)  As promised, I’ve collected links to some of the resources and references that came up during our free-form chat. I hope you make time to explore some (if not all!) of these great web destinations.

I’ll be in touch soon via email to offer some suggestions for how we might continue a more focused and tactical conversation about blogging, but – for now – enjoy a little online wandering and feel free to reach out to me (jamie@suddenlymarketing.com).

Happy writing!




  • The fabulous Justine Musk
  • Peter Bowerman (aka The Well-fed Writer) – freelance writer coach and so much more
  • Larry Brooks’ Storyfix – everything you didn’t know you needed to know about story structure


Social Media

A few posts of mine you may want to read (if you haven’t already) 😉

  •  Mama Nature’s Marketing Tips – This is a series I originally wrote for business owners, but many of the strategies apply to writers as well. The nature metaphors may help you get your head around the concepts … they helped me!
  • My collection of posts on the Live to Write – Write to Live blog – a mix of inspiration, marketing tactics, and goofing off
“Thank You” by Iain Farrell
“Behind the Gate” by h. koppeldelaney