Hello & welcome!

If you’re here, it’s most likely because you were kind enough to take an hour out of your day to join me and Anthony Salas of ReadyTalk for the AMA presentation: Webinar Best Practices – Engaging the Invisible Audience. So, thanks very much for that.

I created this page mostly so I could share the videos I mentioned in the presentation. (I love sharing helpful information, but sharing stuff that makes people laugh is even more fun.) Here they are, just for you, but be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post for some additional resources.

And here’s a bonus video that we didn’t get to in the presentation but which is a great example of how working in a team is not only fun, but can save you if you get into a sticky fix:

Now that you’ve hopefully had yourself a giggle, here are a few additional resources I’d like to recommend:

Content Marketing Institute: This comprehensive site offers a wealth of information about all kinds of content marketing, including webinars. It’s run by the very knowledgeable (and super nice) Joe Pulizzi and my friend and fellow Savvy Sister Michele Linn also happens to have a hand in the project. If you’re even thinking about content marketing, you should cruise the posts on this site.

Content Marketing Rules: This great book, co-authored by my friend and fellow Instagram addict, Ann Handley of Marketing Profs, has an entire chapter dedicated to webinars called (and I love this!) “If Webinars Are Awesome Marketing Tools, Why Do Most of them Suck?” I hope you learned something about how not to suck in my and Anthony’s presentation, but highly recommend that you check out Content Rules if you’d like to dig deeper into the strategy of picking topics and integrating webinars with your overall content marketing efforts.

ReadyTalk: Of course, I have to give a nod to the awesome team at ReadyTalk. They were a delight to partner with, uber-professional, and made the whole experience fun and productive.

Finally, I’d also love for you to check out the resources available here on Suddenly Marketing. I’ve put together a few collections of posts including Social Media Reality Check (getting real about social and social content) and Mama Nature’s Marketing Rules (my own twist on explaining marketing concepts using logical metaphors that don’t require a boatload of buzzwords and catch phrases). I hope you’ll give them a look and also invite you to Pick My Brain with a complimentary consultation about the marketing topic of your choice.

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Thanks again (so much) for joining us on the AMA webinar. It was great fun & I look forward to meeting many of you in our online haunts real soon.