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… to everyone who attended our session at PodCamp NH. It was a pleasure to meet you & spend part of the afternoon talking shop (and chickens). We wish there’d been more time to share and to get to know you better. (Maybe next year!)

The list of posts below is a “best of compilation” that will give you some deeper insights into the topics we flew through on Sunday. We hope this content will be a nice follow-up to the appetizer of the live session.

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Thanks again for making our PCNH 2010 experience wonderful.

Jamie & Wendy

Building Your Platform

Writer’s Platform – Part 4: 4 Key Elements to Using it Wisely

“A platform is a powerful tool, but – like all powerful tools – its usefulness depends upon the operator’s expertise and wisdom. Here are four important concepts to consider as you start working with your platform.” – By: Jamie

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Mama Nature’s Marketing Tips: Wrens, Finches, & Niches

“I have an embarrassing admission to make. Up until recently, I was doing business as a Jane-of-all-trades. When someone asked me what I did, I’d answer “anything anyone will pay me for,” adding as an afterthough, “as long as it’s legal.” – By: Jamie

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78 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Blog

“So, you’ve decided to launch a blog for your business. Congratulations! Welcome to the exciting worlds of content marketing and social media – all wrapped up into one bundle of bloggy joy that will require your nurturing attention for a long time to come.” – By: Jamie

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What is the best name for your blog?

“For those of you who may still be trying to figure out this whole blog thing, I’m going to include a few lessons from the very beginning of the process. This fall I’m scheduled to teach a blog writing class in our town.” – By: Wendy

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Group Blog Style Guides – creating the fence in the play yard

“A style guide is not a rule book. The guidelines can and should be broken as necessary. The rules should never be viewed as set in stone or beyond reproach. They are there to help, not restrain.” – By: Wendy

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Idea Generation and Organization

12 Ideas for Quick Blog Posts

“You feel like you should blog more frequently, but you’ve just got so much going on. It’s so hard to keep up with the Good Blogger schedule. Never fear – here’s a down-and-dirty arsenal of tips for creating quick posts that’ll save your neck (and your sanity) next time you’re up against the clock and you’ve got nuthin’.” – By: Jamie

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Save Time & Stress – Blog Editorial Calendar Template

“Blogging is hard work. You must consistently create and publish great content. Today’s post is about saving yourself time and stress by implementing a simple editorial calendar. Sure, it’s going to require a little work up front, but – trust me – you’ll thank me once you’re up and running.” – By: Jamie

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Manage Your Time, Deadlines, and Sanity with One Tool – Down with the To Do List!

“A girl with a past – I have a long history of To Do list addiction. My love of lists – color-coded, prioritized, categorized, highlighted, and so on – began when I was just a child. I made elaborate lists of my Breyer horse inventory, what I wanted to be when I grew up, journal entries, and homework assignments.” – By: Jamie

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4 Steps to Capture the Muse – Documenting Ideas

“When you are a writer, you are always on the hunt for new material. Your writer’s mind is constantly processing the world through a creative filter. When your muse is with you, brilliant thoughts flow like whiskey in an Irish pub.”  – By: Jamie

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Mind Mapping Your Way Out of Writer’s Block

“Do you sometimes sit down to write and find that you have no idea what you want to say? You have a general topic and a vague direction, but you just can’t get your head around where to start or how to organize your thoughts.” – By: Jamie

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Writing an effective blog post – the art of upside down

“I am currently teaching a blog writing class and last week we talked about composing an effective blog post. Anyone here have any journalistic experience? I asked. They all looked at me wide-eyed and shook their heads no.” – By: Wendy

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Mark Twain – What A Dead American Humorist Can Teach Us About Effective Writing

“Tom Sawyer’s partner in crime is non-other than the irrepressible Huck Finn. When the book first came out in 1885, it was banned by a school in Concord, Massachusetts as being “bad for kids”.” – By: Wendy

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The Devil in the Details – how too much can trip your sales message up

“There is a current ad on TV that is driving my son and me absolutely crazy. I don’t remember what the ad is for (and that’s a problem but we’ll talk about that later) I just know what happens. Or at least I try to figure out what happens.” – By: Wendy

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10 Tried and True Ways To Smash Marketing Writer’s Block

“It happens to all of us. Some call it writer’s block, some call it procrastination, and some simply call it lack of motivation. Whatever you call it, you know what it is, that lull in your work, those times, when you are stumped on how to continue writing what needs to be written.” – By: Wendy

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Creating Content

Who Are You, Really, on the Social Web?

“Today’s post was originally posted on Savvy B2B Marketing, and is more personal than usual.  However, if you’re here for marketing advice, you may want to read on. There’s not as big a gap as you might think between personal and professional or even customer relations on the Web.” – By: Jamie

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Successful Social Content in 3 Words

“While cruising the blogs this morning, I came across a guest post on Copyblogger – Everything You Need to Know About Creating Killer Content in 3 Simple Words. Post author Demian Farnworth boils down the essence of good Web writing into three words: clear, concise, and compelling.” – By: Jamie

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Want an effective blog? Be a politician

“This weekend we walked in a parade in support of our current Governor who is up for re-election. At the end of the parade the Governor came over, thanked us all and posed for photos with those who participated.”  – By: Wendy

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Giving Content Away for Free – Businesses Beware

“In a recent Way North Writers meeting Hope Clark who authors a website for freelance writers told the group (copywriters, journalists, and aspiring novelists) the following story. The best advice she ever got, she said, was when she was at a writer’s conference and a colleague told her “to never write for free.” – By: Wendy

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Networking and Promotion

Audience Building How-to (w/Acrobats and an Awesome Blog Community)

“Last week, I had the pleasure of kicking off Mark W. Schaefer’s “Community Week” project on {grow} – his fabulous and highly respected blog. While Mark journeys through Europe, his fans and colleagues are holding down the fort with a series of guest posts.” – By: Jamie

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Mama Nature’s Marketing Tips: 16 Tips for a Strong Social Web Root System

“Earlier this spring, we had some violent weather that included a series of powerful microburst downdrafts (mini tornadoes). The north shore of Boston was dotted with acre-sized swaths of forest that had been leveled as if by an angry giant swinging massive arms.” – By: Jamie

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Simple Social Strategy – W5H

“A search for “social media strategy” returns over 7 million Web hits and nearly 500,000 blog posts on google. If you’re just starting out in social, the prospect of sifting through all that information might make you want to throw the towel in before you start.” – By: Jamie

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Twitter Do’s – I Don’t Care If You Feel Lousy Before You’ve Had Coffee

“There is no doubt that Twitter (in the right hands) can be a powerful marketing tool. In one blast you can get your message out to thousands of followers. And if your tweet is retweeted (RT), that single message can go far.” – By: Wendy

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Dissection of a White House Press Release – This Blog Will Self-Destruct in 60 Seconds

“I’m going to show you something after which I’m probably going to have to be shot. (Please, I’m kidding — maybe). Actually this administration keeps talking about transparency, so let just call this an exercise in being transparent.” – By: Wendy

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  1. What a truly amazing collection of resources! I absolutely loved your session at PodCampNH . . . but this is the icing on the cake (and it wasn’t one of those dry and boring cakes, but a serious chocolate cake that would be fabulous even without the icing)! I could get happily lost right here — the mind mapping piece and some organizational tips are first on my list. My sincere thanks to both of you!

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