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Hello, and welcome to Suddenly Marketing – my home on the web.

For those of you who attended the May 15th NHCC self-publishing event, thanks for making the evening so enjoyable. It was a pleasure to meet you and share a couple hours together on a rainy Wednesday night. For those of you who didn’t make it – we missed you, but I’m happy you’re dropping by to check out some of the resources.

So that you don’t have to pick through all of my blog posts (though I don’t mind at all if you do!), I’ve pulled together a few that I think may be most relevant based on our conversations around branding, building a platform, and connecting with your audience. I hope you find them helpful.

Also, please feel free to keep in touch:

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  • I’m also on Pinterest and Instagram (as “suddenlyjamie”). (Tiny addiction problem on both sites …)
  • You can also email me any time with questions or comments. I’m always happy to lend an ear (or a hand) if I can.
Thanks again for inviting me to be part of your event. It really was so nice to meet you all.
See you around the web and perhaps beyond.


On building your platform:



On building your audience:


I also recommend my friend Mark Schaefer’s book, The Tao of Twitter. It’s a quick easy read that gives you the tactical and philosophical 411 on using Twitter for business. You can use a lot of what he teaches in other social networks as well.


On branding:



On digital self-publishing:


I highly recommend the work of Sean Platt. His newly launched site, The Digital Writer, is full of rock solid advice, technical expertise, and real world stories. Plus, Sean is just a nice guy. Follow him on Twitter at @seanplatt or @thedigiwriter. Tell him I sent you. :)


On writing in general:


I also blog for a wonderful collaborative blog about the craft and profession of writing. Live to Write – Write to Live is a great collection of inspiration, tips, insider stories, and fun – all about the world of writing. My posts on this blog run the gamut from marketing to muse-related to random weirdness. For anyone interested, we also accept guest posts. You can check our guidelines to see if you’d like to submit.


  1. Your emailed post led me to your resource page. It is all good advice for any one doing business. Thanks.

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