How I Can Help

Custom-built for entrepreneurs

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not your typical marketing strategist/copywriter  kind of gal. After years working in big agencies, I’m done with smoke and mirrors, major overhead, and inflated pricing (no offense to  my esteemed colleagues). I am an an entrepreneur myself, so I understand what drives you to pull things together on a shoestring … at one o’clock in the morning. I get the whole elbow grease thing.

And that’s why I do what I do. I want to make your life a little easier by letting you offload some of the marketing and writing tasks so a) you can focus on growing your business, and b) you can get to bed before one o’clock in the morning.

Options? We’ve got options.

Depending on where you are with your business and how hands-on you like to be, you might be ready to go for  the whole enchilda, or you might only want a little taste test. I get that and I want you to be happy, so there are a number of ways you can work with me:

  1. Free information: I blog. A lot. I’m in the process of importing my content so everything is centralized, but until I pull that off, you can check out my posts at Savvy B2B Marketing and the New Hampshire Writers’ Network. (P.S. – You don’t have to be B2B or a writer to get some valuable insights from these blogs.)
  2. Other free content: But, wait! There’s more! Coming soon: some great resources to get the gears in your head  turning. To make sure you don’t miss any announcements, be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed, or by email (see form at right.)
  3. Strategic consulting: If you prefer to stay true to your DIY roots, we can partner up on strategy and then you can ride off into the wild blue yonder to make it all happen. Whether you need an overall strategy, some branding guidance, ideas for creating a kick-ass platform, or a clue about what to do on the social scene; I can help you come up with a  plan that’s personalized and ready to execute.
  4. Just the copy: Maybe you’ve got your strategy all figured out, but you can’t put it into words. Have no fear. I can translate your vision into copy that’s written with your perfect customer in mind. I can also edit copy that you’ve written if that’s more your style.
  5. Tactical training: Maybe you’re feeling pretty good about where you’re at, but you’d love to get a little bit more up-to-speed about what to do on Facebook, how to write better blog posts, or how to integrate your online and offline efforts. Let me know your area of interest, and I will put together a customized training to get you where you need to be.
  6. The whole kit ‘n’ kaboodle: Your business is growing. You could do the DIY thing, but you know it’s time to hand the whole thing over to someone else. In that case, we work together to establish roles, responsibilities, and goals; and then I make the magic happen.

And, if none of those options seems “just right” to you, drop me a line and let me know what type of arrangement would make your heart sing. Part of being an entrepreneur is being flexible, so I’m open to hearing what works for you.