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The Secret Planning and Brainstorming Weapon You Don’t Know You Need

I can be a real geek sometimes. And, not just your typical, Tolkien-quoting LOTR geek, either. (Though, I am totally one of those.) I get geeky about things like the perfect notebook, calendaring, and a really well done Excel spreadsheet. I also get seriously geeky about mind mapping. Seriously.   Mind whatting? If you have […]

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The Other Side of Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk

Listen to this post:     How badly do you have to want something before you’ll ask for help? Does asking for help make you feel like you’ve failed? What if you could see your asking for help as a kind of giving? As I write this, Amanda Palmer’s TED Talk, The Art of Asking […]

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Marketing – Where to start

How do you feel when you think about tackling your marketing? Excited? Empowered? Enthusiastic? I didn’t think so.   Most people find marketing intimidating, overwhelming, and somewhat confusing. Partly for that reason, many people tend to bump marketing to the bottom of the To Do list where it languishes with the dust bunnies. Poor, neglected […]

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