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Branding is NOT optional – Part 2: Let them eat your dust

Some marketing lacks logic. I’m being kind, here.   You know that saying about putting the cart before the horse? When you see it illustrated, it’s pretty clear that it’s a Bad Idea. That cart isn’t going to pull that horse anywhere and you will go nowhere fast. Even the horse can tell that something […]

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Best social networking sites for your business

New social networks have been springing up like fairy rings on midsummer’s eve and are equally likely to spirit people away to a land where time passes differently than it does in the Real World. Every time I turn around, people are talking  - their eyes all a-sparkle – about a new social network that’s […]

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Social media balance: a rant, a lament, and 5 tips

Social media can be a lifeline or a noose. The question is: where do you fall on the spectrum and how can you get the most out of your social media time? A rant: Social media is not your job. I don’t recall if it was Chris Brogan or Seth Godin who first pointed this […]

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