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Escaping February and Mercury Retrograde

Have you been feeling out of sorts lately – a little sluggish, despondent … generally muddled? Are you snapping at friends and family for no apparent reason? Are miscommunications wreaking havoc with your plans? Do you find yourself wanting to go to bed immediately after dinner and sleep until – oh, I don’t know … […]

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Off-Topic: Finding the Flu’s Silver Lining (No, really)

The flu has few redeeming qualities. It is a nasty and indiscriminate predator with a habit of lingering long after it has exacted its due from the unwilling host. I recently had the acute displeasure of being caught in the tenacious clutches of this viral beast. I have also watched helplessly as many a friend […]

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Reading the Winter Away

As midwinter envelops us in its cold and desolate embrace, I am finding it more and more challenging to keep my focus on the tasks at hand. I don’t know if it is the endless stretches of gray sky, the ever present threat of the flu, or the meteorologists’ tiresome banter about the polar vortex, […]

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