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The Only Way Your Business Can Compete in 2014

It’s a New Year, all bright and shiny and full of potential. You’re setting goals for your business – sales goals, marketing goals, social media goals. You’re gonna hit that next revenue milestone, boost lead generation, increase conversion, and knock it out of the park with engagement. You’re practically chomping at the bit to get […]

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Exclusive vs. Inclusive – A cautionary branding tale

The concert hall was set up something like a wedding – fifty or sixty small round tables arranged in front of the stage, a bar off to the left, and open “mingling space” at the back of the room behind a short divider wall. It was dark and noisy. A handful of waitresses shuttled from […]

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The truth about Know – Like – Trust

Know. Like. Trust. You’ve heard it before, right? People buy from people they know, like, and trust.   So… How do you get known? How do you get people to like you? How do you earn their trust?   Those are Big Questions with long, complicated answers. … or, are they?   I may be […]

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