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How Marketing Is Like Riding a Horse and How To Avoid Getting Thrown

  I don’t have a conscious memory of my first time on a pony, but I do have a photo. In the yellowed picture, I am three-and-a-half years old, wearing a red bandana on my head, and sitting astride a shaggy, black steed named Cricket. The look on my face says it all – this […]

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Marketing on the edges – where interesting stuff happens

I have recently been enjoying the decadent luxury of frequent walks on the beach. Last week, while my daughter was with her dad, I took several days off to spend with my beau and we had ourselves a couple lovely rambles along the shore. This week, I’m easing back into my work groove but continuing […]

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Want better marketing? Go on vacation.

Have you heard the good news? A recent study shows that working in a crowded coffee shop fires up your creativity. Even better, my own personal research shows that going on vacation helps you fire up your marketing.   My clients are hard-working people. They are, like me, often on the clock at odd hours. […]

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