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Tell me again why I should care.

Tell me again why I should listen to you. Tell me again why I should care.   You told me once before, but I’ve forgotten what you said. It was just too much to remember.   I’m busy and overwhelmed and late for something. (I’m always late for something.) I have forty-seven yet-to-be-done things on […]

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The Only Way Your Business Can Compete in 2014

It’s a New Year, all bright and shiny and full of potential. You’re setting goals for your business – sales goals, marketing goals, social media goals. You’re gonna hit that next revenue milestone, boost lead generation, increase conversion, and knock it out of the park with engagement. You’re practically chomping at the bit to get […]

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The Secret Planning and Brainstorming Weapon You Don’t Know You Need

I can be a real geek sometimes. And, not just your typical, Tolkien-quoting LOTR geek, either. (Though, I am totally one of those.) I get geeky about things like the perfect notebook, calendaring, and a really well done Excel spreadsheet. I also get seriously geeky about mind mapping. Seriously.   Mind whatting? If you have […]

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