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Blog like a honey badger

What do you think it takes to succeed as a blogger – top notch writing expertise, innate networking capability, cover-to-cover knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style, jacked up creative juices, mad marketing skills, loads of free time? There’s no question that each of those elements has the potential to contribute to blogging success, but there’s something else you need more than any of those – something you can learn from our badass friend the honey badger.

Before I explain, I suggest you watch this video narrated by “naturalist,” Randall. Fair warning: it contains a healthy dose of bad language. If you’re offended by that sort of thing you may want to skip the playback. On the other hand, if you have a slightly sick sense of humor (like mine), prepare to laugh until you cry.

Ok, are we all back now? I’ll give you a minute to regain your composure.

Honey badger might be a slightly unsavory character (lacking good table manners and general etiquette), but he is called the most fearless critter in the animal kingdom with good reason. When honey badger sees something he wants, he goes after it. He doesn’t care who or what is in his way. He doesn’t second-guess his approach or motivations. He just does what his honey badger heart (or, stomach) tells him to do. Bloggers can learn a lot from his example.

Blogging like a honey badger means “going for it” every time. It means putting yourself out there, even if you have to risk bee stings or cobra bites. It means doing your thing the way you do it and not caring if anyone thinks you’re too uncouth (or too naïve or too opinionated or too nice or too whatever you might be). It means being slightly crazy. It means being yourself and saying what you mean – what you want to say – not what you think you should say.

Our snarling, spitting friend might seem like an over-the-top mascot for bloggers, but I believe that releasing your inner honey badger is one of the most efficient ways to carve our your blogging niche. Let me be clear, however, that I’m not suggesting every blogger out there should be savage and care only about ripping the heads off cobras (or any other living creature for that matter). My love for the honey- badger-as-blogging-coach stems from my admiration of his single-minded and ferociously confident pursuit of his goal.

He does not ask about the rules; he makes up his own. He doesn’t get tied up in proper methods; he just does whatever it takes. If the cobra is up in a tree, honey badger climbs the tree. If the cobra is deep in the earth, honey badger digs. No need to agonize – just get it done. The honey badger does not apologize for being a honey badger; he just is one – 110%. And even when something slows him down (like a dingo stealing his meal, or his meal biting back and knocking him out with lethal venom), honey badger gets back up and goes right back to what he was doing. He’s not distracted, diverted, or persuaded to change his ways.

Blog like a honey badger. Be confident in your voice and your message. Know what you want and go after it. Do not pay attention to the chattering of others who want to tell you how to be you. Listen to your own heart and your own hunger. Don’t worry about bee stings or cobra bites. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – makes you fearless. And the best bloggers – the best writers – are the ones who are fearless.

Image Credit: Badass of the Week

This post was originally published on Live to Write – Write to Live where I blog about writing and publishing with a diverse group of literary friends. 


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  1. Hilarious. I had no idea a honey badger was so revered in the animal kingdom. And, who know cobras lived at the tops of trees? What kills a honey badger? Maybe he falls off a cliff b/c he doesn’t know there’s an edge.

    Likewise for bloggers…a blogger is her own worst enemy. Any lack of confidence or fear to stick out the neck creates crisis.

    To succeed, bloggers need to keep growing with consistent effort. Every blog post brings added confidence, security with voice and a growing community.

    • Jamie Lee

      Thank you, Jayme!
      I consider you a fabulous honey badger blogger in all the nicest ways a girl can say that about someone.

      … and I agree that we are often our own worst enemies and censors. If we could get past our own fear and anxiety, we’d discover that there are people out there who want to hear our voices loud and clear! :)

  2. Written for bloggers, applicable to LIFE :)

  3. My college advisor was once telling me about her own path to getting her PhD. She said, “I wasn’t even the smartest person in my classes. I just wanted it more than anybody else in the room.” I loved that she didn’t let anyone psych her out and that she went for it.

    Let’s hope the honey badger doesn’t enroll in classes.

    Lessons from different creatures in nature! Jamie I think you have a series ahead of you.

    • Jamie Lee

      That’s often the case with successful people, isn’t it, Jenn? They just wanted it more than anybody else.

      Love the idea of a series … I have a partial series in my Mama Nature’s Marketing Tips (see top of page) … but I may need to add some new ones and maybe create – oh, I don’t know – an ebook or something! 😉 (Tks for the nudge!)

  4. I love it! There really is so much we humans can learn from nature and the animal kingdom, as far as both professionally and in life.

    You knocked this one out of the park, Jamie!


    p.s. Maybe you and Randall should collaborate on something..

    • Jamie Lee

      Hey, Peter! I’m wondering if it’s snowing where you are right now. We’re getting more rain than snow – such a gyp! 😉

      TKS for swinging by & for your kind words.
      I couldn’t agree more re: the things we can learn from Mother Nature. I have a number or pieces that are written around that theme, and I may just work them into an ebook one of these days!

      Oh – and I love the idea of a collaboration with Randall! Could be WAY fun!

      Have a great weekend!

  5. So cool our names are Jayme/Jamie, Valentine
    Cuz women I know named that always shine.
    Will you please be mine today?
    I don’t think you have any say.
    While you zup the whiskey, I’ll do some wine
    And, then we’ll have a chocolate kiss to seal the yours and thine.

    • Jamie Lee

      I’ll be your Valentine any day of the year, sweetie!

      (Love your rhyme … wish I could come up with an answering line, but the poetry thing has never been mine.)


  6. Hi Jamie,

    I’m still fairly new to the blogosphere (6 months so far) but can see how you might want to adopt some of the famed Honey Badger’s traits.

    Honey Badger sure doesn’t take any crap from anybody or anything.

    I’m wondering if you just have to become a bit more pugnacious as you get deeper into blogging? I guess it’s more about having a thick skin and letting nothing get to you, huh?

    Nice post, and I do love the mother of all Badgers 😉

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