Official Bio and Links

This page is still under construction, but if you’ve got to get some official dirt now, you can visit my profile at LinkedIn (it’s almost, kind of up-to-date), or check out some of the links below to work I’ve done and blogs I write for.

And, if you’ve still got questions, please feel free to drop me a line. I don’t bite … usually.

Selected links:

Barkovations is a unique dog products company with a mission to help hard-working dog rescues and no-kill shelters by providing free product, educational outreach materials, and business resources. I have had the pleasure of working with founder Mark Pound since day one and am so proud to be part of this heartfelt business. I worked with Mark on branding; wrote the copy for his Web site, outreach emails, and other collateral; put together and executed his social media strategy; and came up with unique promotional ideas that have yet to be unveiled. I continue to write the Barkovations blog; handle social outreach on Facebook, Twitter, and other blogs; and manage offline and digital PR. If you love dogs and/or have a creative bone in your body, you should check this site out.

Fans of Being a Mom is one of those serendipitous projects where all the pieces fall into place like magic. I’d been working with my old friend Jamie Tedford, founder of Brand Networks, Inc, on a project for a major restaurant chain when this opportunity to create a conversation with moms literally fell into our laps. Less than eighteen months later, we have over 500,000 fans on Facebook and strong following on our blog. I serve as editor-in-chief, primary writer, and cohort to our business manager, Meredith Tedford.

Though not technically a small business or entrepreneurial venture, the blogging team at Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter Web site has a certain independent flair. The blog has grown by leaps and bounds since I joined the team in 2008. I have written a number of columns for the MOMformation blog covering editorial, essays, and product reviews. You can check out my MOMformation profile for more details.

Blogging just to blog. I am a founding member of two collaborative blogs – Savvy B2B Marketing (where I have way too much fun with my five “Savvy Sisters” and where I cross-post my Suddenly Marketing blog entries) and the New Hampshire Writers’ Network (a new venture covering all angles of the writing life with candor, humor, and expertise). If you think managing your own blog might be too heavy a workload, talk to me about collaborative blogging – the benefits can be huge.

I started working with Influence Healthcare in 2007 as Director of Project Management, but I also had the opportunity to take an active role in the marketing of this small Web development and marketing firm based in Napa, CA. In between managing Web site builds and advertising campaigns for our pharma clients, I also managed a redesign on our own Web site including re-architecting the navigation, updating messaging, and rewriting all the content. In addition, I provided writing services on a series of lead generation emails and partnership documents.

Berbunga is an irreverant, little upstart just getting on its feet in the big field of crowd-sourcing. My work with this small team culiminated in the creation of a white paper that provides an overview of the benefits of crowd-sourcing in general and some insights about the benefits of using the Berbunga platform.