Hi. I’m Jamie Wallace. I am a writer, a content strategist, and a geek for strong brand messaging and story.

If you like, you can read my “official” bio over at LinkedIn, but I’m going to guess what you’d really like to know is who I am and what it’s like to work with me.

About me:
I am a mom, an avid reader, a someday novelist, a prolific blogger, and a student of the equestrian arts, voice, and (occasionally) trapeze flying. I believe that the minute you stop learning, you die. I’m the kind of person who will risk whiplash to avoid running over a frog. I can be bribed with chocolate. I tend to mix business with pleasure – meaning my Twitter and Facebook streams may sometimes be slightly less than professional, but always fun.

Specialties: Strategic and creative thinking, collaborative brainstorming, making marketing fun, delivering epiphanies, untangling complex ideas, herding cats.

Working with me:
The role I play with my clients is part strategist, part writer, and part project manager. I love being involved at the ground level of a venture, but can get up-to-speed quickly if things are already rolling. When you work with me, we work together. Being a “vendor” or “service provider” is not my thing. I prefer to collaborate as a true partner – getting inside your head so I can understand your vision, helping draw it out of you if you’re not sure what it is, working together to chart a course to the best messaging and content for your brand.

In addition to my right-brained, word-nerd creative side, I also have a very organized and detail-oriented project manager side. There’s always a method to the madness and a process to help us make our way smoothly from Point A to Point B.

But whether I’m channeling my inner muse or task master, I always strive to make the experience of working together as enjoyable as possible. After all, life is short. There’s no reason we can’t have a little fun even when we’re working. Maybe especially while we’re working.


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