About Me

Hi. I’m Jamie Lee Wallace and I’m the marketing partner for small, entreprenurial and creative businesses like yours. I love what I do because it gives me the chance to contribute to the success of other people’s dreams; and, really, you can’t ask for a better job than that.

You can read my “official” bio (complete with my work experience, portfolio, and all that) if you like, but I’m going to guess what you’d really like to know is what I’m like as a person and what it’s like to work with me.

About me:
My background is diverse, but not shady. I’m a hard-working solopreneur, blogging addict, and avid reader. I believe that the minute you stop learning, you die. I’m the kind of person who will risk whiplash to avoid running over a frog. I can be bribed with chocolate. I tend to mix business with pleasure – meaning my Twitter and Facebook streams may sometimes be slightly less than professional, but always fun.

Working with me:
The role I play with my clients is part strategist, part writer, part teacher, and part cheerleader. I love being involved at the ground level of a venture, but can get up-to-speed quickly if things are already rolling. When you work with me, we work together. Being a “vendor” or “service provider” is not my thing. I prefer to collaborate as a true partner – getting inside your head so I can understand your vision, helping draw it out of you if you’re not sure what it is, working together to chart a course to your success.

Although I’ve tried to exorcise the Type-A tendencies left over from my days as a project manager (a.k.a. “herder of cats”), I haven’t quite been able to kick my addiction to Excel, MS Project and google docs. If you’re in need of a little help getting organized and staying on task, this actually works out well for you.

If you decide to work with me, I can make you a few promises …

I won’t:

  • make you feel stupid
  • try to shoehorn you into a one-size-fits-all solution
  • try to upsell you to a more expensive suite of services

I will:

  • genuinely care about your success
  • work with you to determine a customized strategy and tactical plan
  • help you prioritize tasks and create an integrated plan that will move you forward, one step at a time

Want to know more? Visit the “official bio” page for gory details on where I’ve done what. For more about exactly how I can help, check out how I can help, or get the word on the street from some of my clients and colleagues. Or, if you’d like to decide for yourself, drop me a line and let’s set up a free, 30-minute brain-picking session. I’ll bring the chocolate.